Digibend 200e

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Max. pressure (kN) 200
Max. stroke (mm) 195
Max. working speed (mm/sec) 9.6
Min. working speed (mm/sec) 4.8
Return speed (mm/sec) 48
Average working speed (mm/sec) 28.8
Storables programs 255
Sequence of storables programs 50
Number of bends for each sequence 16
Working table dimensions (mm) 480 x 1060 x 925 (A)
Fixing holes in working table (nr. x Ø - mm) 1 x Ø 80 / 2 x Ø 50
Working height (mm) 925
Oil tank capacity (lt.) 40
Motore HP - Kw 43134
High bending (mm) A=200
Extra high bending (mm) /
Shearing max thickness A=150 x 6 (spess.)
Punching max thickness Ø 30 x 5 (spess.)
Straightening (H/thickness) A=200
Two-jaw-bending (mm) Ø 42
Rotary bending (mm) Ø 50
CNC automatic backguage (Length, mm) NO
Approx. weight (kg) 340
Overall dimensions (L x l x h) 580 x 1060 x 1150

All application range indications are refered to steel material with 400N/mm2 resistance.

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