FX Bend 1547

Innovation, reliability and productivity. If you had to define FX Bend through three words would be certainly these.
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A machine designed to overcome your goals. Thus was born FX bend 1547 . A solution for your working needs that combines the assumptions of the FX bend range with greater power and an increase in bending length.

Bending length 1530 mm.
Maximum bending power 470 kN.


FX bend 1547
Max. bending force (kN) 470
Bending length (mm) 1530
Y axis stroke (mm)
Y axis speed (mm/sec) 200
Inclination (mm) (Y1-Y2)
Wila tool fixing opening (die holder-punch holder) (mm) 395
Promecam tool fixing opening (die holder-crosspiece) (mm)  470
X axis travel (mm) 375 + 400
X axis speed (mm / sec) 240
Axis travel Z1-Z2 (mm) 1500- 85x2
 Z axis speed (mm / sec)  1100
 R axis travel (mm)  180
 R axis speed (mm / sec)  600
 Axis stroke X1-X2 (mm) 375+705
X-axis speed (mm / sec)  650
 Axis travel Z1-Z2 (mm) 1350
 Z axis speed (mm/sec)  800
Axis stroke R1-R2 (mm) 180
Axis speed R (mm / sec) 650
 Wireless connection / USB port  SI / 2
Motor power (kW) 2x5,2
Electrical connection (kWa) 6
Approx. weight (kg) 4400
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