FX bend 1023

Innovation, reliability and productivity. If you had to define FX Bend through three words would be certainly these.
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FX bend 1023 stands out for innovation and high precision.

The design and attention to detail are combined with high quality standards, with the aim of providing you with an effective, productive and compelling machine. Bending length 1020 mm. Maximum bending power 230 kN.


FX bend 1023
Max. bending force (kN) 230
Bending length (mm) 1020
Y axis stroke (mm) 196
Y axis speed (mm/sec) 200
Inclination (mm) (Y1-Y2)
Opening (mm) (table to ram) 470 (395)
X axes stroke (mm) (4 axes X-R-Z1-Z2) 375 + 400
R axes stroke (mm) (4 axes X-R-Z1-Z2) 180
Z axes stroke (mm) (4 axes X-R-Z1-Z2) 850 - 85x2
X axes speed (mm/sec) (4 axes X-R-Z1-Z2) 250
R axes speed (mm/sec) (4 axes X-R-Z1-Z2) 600
Z axes speed (mm/sec) (4 axes X-R-Z1-Z2) 1100
X axes stroke (mm) (6 axes X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2) 375 + 230
R axis stroke (mm) (6 axes X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2) 180
Z axis stroke (mm) (6 axes X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2) 744
X axis speed (mm/sec) (6 axes X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2) 1000
R axis speed (mm/sec) (6 axes X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2) 650
Z axis speed (mm/sec) (6 axes X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2) 800
Connections wireless/USB port YES/2
Motor power (kW) 1x5,2
Connected load (kWa) 5
Approx. weight (kg) 2700
Visit Count: 900
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